Peak & Valley Coaching Scholarships for Under 19's.

Building a Life of Cycling

Peak & Valley Coaching Scholarships for Juniors

"I started coaching as a way of giving back to the cycling community in return for the support I had as a youth rider, and as a way of helping the next generation of riders avoid some of the mistakes that I made."

"This is why I offer 5 free coaching scholarships each year through Peak and Valley Coaching, with 5 free coaching scholarships each year for riders aiming to make their National Team for Junior World Championships."

Riders need to be ambitious and driven to make their country's team, but also to work hard on their life skills and communication. If you are interested please email [email protected] with a cover letter telling me about you, your race results and any fitness tests you have.

Coaching Scholarships



Application Closing Date

Nov 1st

For the Following Year

Meet Our Athletes

  • Ana Large profile photo

    Ana Large

  • Carson Mattern profile photo

    Carson Mattern

  • Isla Walker profile photo

    Isla Walker

  • Dylan Bibic profile photo

    Dylan Bibic

  • Riley Pickrell profile photo

    Riley Pickrell

  • Eric Inkster profile photo

    Eric Inkster

  • Casey Garrison profile photo

    Casey Garrison

  • Evan Russell profile photo

    Evan Russell

  • Jacob Rubuliak profile photo

    Jacob Rubuliak

  • Sam Hargreaves profile photo

    Sam Hargreaves

  • Sarah Van Dam profile photo

    Sarah Van Dam

  • Willian Truelove profile photo

    William Truelove

  • Iwan Evans profile photo

    Iwan Evans

  • Astrid Wuerr profile photo

    Astrid Wuerr

What We Do

  1. 1

    Work on long-and short–term plans to help you achieve your goals

  2. 2

    Provide daily training plans and constructive feedback

  3. 3

    Training Camps / Testing / Technical sport skills

  4. 4

    Work on life skills and help you become a well-rounded cyclist

Our Goals

  1. 1

    Help you have a happy, fun and rewarding life in cycling

  2. 2

    Aim at World Championship and Olympic medals

  3. 3

    World Cups, World level races that help you move up the ranks and build a life in cycling

  4. 4

    Help you achieve your full potential - make the jump to the next level from Junior to Senior team

Our Approach

  • Our approach is to work with each young athlete and find out what they would like to do in the sport over the next 2 – 4+ years and work with them on hitting goals each year.

    We aim to teach them to question more and find a path that works for them.

  • This program is supported by many people that have the same goal, to see young riders get good advice and support when they need it at the development stage of their young lives.

    We work with Provincial/State and National teams and fill the coaching role for supported athletes.

Supporters 2021

Keep up to date on our athletes.

Some Past & Present Riders

  • Ben Katerberg profile photo

    Ben Katerberg

  • Benjamin Perry profile photo

    Benjamin Perry

  • Gillian Ellsay profile photo

    Gillian Ellsay

  • Nigel Ellsay profile photo

    Nigel Ellsay

  • Alex Cataford profile photo

    Alex Cataford

  • Thomas Schellenberg profile photo

    Thomas Schellenberg

  • John Willcox profile photo

    John Willcox

  • Cam Fitzmaurice profile photo

    Cam Fitzmaurice

  • Evan Guthrie profile photo

    Evan Guthrie

  • Devon Moonie profile photo

    Devon Moonie

  • Callie Swan profile photo

    Callie Swan

  • Zach Bell profile photo

    Zach Bell

  • Gina Grain profile photo

    Gina Grain

  • Monique Sullivan profile photo

    Monique Sullivan

  • Christian Meier profile photo

    Christian Meier

  • Rob Britton profile photo

    Rob Britton

  • Chris D'Arcy profile photo

    Chris D'Arcy

  • Brendan Armstrong profile photo

    Brendan Armstrong

  • Christopher Prendergast profile photo

    Christopher Prendergast

  • David Miller profile photo

    David Miller

  • Lisandra Guerra profile photo

    Lisandra Guerra

  • Jake Cullen profile photo

    Jake Cullen

  • Joel Katz profile photo

    Joel Katz

  • Adam Attwell profile photo

    Adam Attwell

  • Ross Wilson profile photo

    Ross Wilson

  • Tiano Da Silva profile photo

    Tiano Da Silva

  • Ethan Ogrodniczuk profile photo

    Ethan Ogrodniczuk


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