Peak & Valley Coaching offers advice and support at every level from someone just starting out to Olympic medalists.

We are passionate about creating and implementing plans to help you achieve your own personal goals. Our approach is for all people of all ages and abilities anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking at taking the first step to better health or starting your competitive life.

We have built up extensive experience gained over 35 years working in the world of sports and fitness. We have been involved at the highest level in cycling and have been able to work at the last 6 summer Olympic games.

I began coaching in the late 1980’s because I love the sport of cycling and am driven to be obsessive about getting the details of a plan right and making sure people are supported to follow through.

After I stopped racing I wanted to give back. To help people not make as many mistakes as I made, and have someone there to support them when times got hard.

We can help you reach new levels and have some fun on the way.

What is different about my coaching services to all the others out there? I have spent my life working on goals and hitting the mark. I work with small groups only and am convinced if you and I give it your all we can hit the goals we set together.

Richard Wooles

Athlete coaching, education and mentorship

We set goals individually and make sure each person has the support needed to be able to reach them. Start hitting your goals now.