Cycling Coaching Packages

We are passionate about creating and implementing plans to help you achieve your goals

Are you happy with your current health and fitness? Most of us make time for everything else except our own health. We should all spend time working towards our own health and fitness goals with whatever limited time we have. My goal is to get you started and provide you with the support you need to make the changes you feel are necessary to get to the place you want to be.

Initial Consultation - One time setup
Individualized training and health plan
Goal setting
Fully periodized yearly training plan (YTP)
Fitness assessment
Weekly feedback
3 x per week contact via email
2 x per week contact telephone / whatsapp and email
Unlimited contact via email and telephone, whatsapp
Guaranteed spot at Training Camps** (does not include the cost of the event)
P&V Jersey $120$120
Goal specific nutrition advice / plan$250$250$250
Requires athletes to use a downloadable power files & HR
Diet & HR analysis
Fitness testing $200$200$200
1on1 coaching - $150 per hour - Max 5 hours = $500$80$150$150
Monthly Fee 225$300$350$425
* + tax

Camps per year California Thousand Oaks OR Girona Spain